19 Latinx Celeb Photos You May Have Missed This Week

Here’s just a few things you might’ve missed!

Charlotte Gomez/ BuzzFeed

1. Ricky Martin took a stroll through his garden (and wore a mask!):

2. Madison Reyes took some pictures with a cute pumpkin:

3. Mario Lopez posed with a jack-o’-lantern that had his face carved onto it:

4. Danny Trejo photoshopped his face onto the Grady Twins from The Shining and then asked everyone what their favorite Halloween movies are:

5. Cameron Diaz showed us just how organic her wine line is:

6. While Christina Aguilera had a Saturday night in with some wine:

7. Zoe Saldana reminded everyone to vote:

8. Becky G did a little Halloween boudoir photo shoot:

9. Danna Paola did what anyone would do with some very good lighting: she took some pics!!!

10. Diego Boneta and his good girl, Akila Cabrona, just relaxed:

11. Tyler Posey showed off the custom hoodie he got for his birthday:

12. Valentina shared the news that she is now a cat mom:

13. Sofía Vergara shared some of her favorite Zoom selfies:

14. Taylor Zakhar Perez posted a thirst trap, but reminded everyone to be calm:

15. Juanes told a funny story about the police confusing his car for a stolen car:

16. J Balvin dyed his doggo’s tail (with pet-friendly dye) like a rainbow:

17. Indya Moore took a selfie in her trailer on the set of Pose Season 3:

18. Stephanie Beatriz spoke with Melissa Fumero about the election and why they’re both supporting Joe Biden:

19. And finally, Demi Lovato reminded everyone that they’re not only voting for a president in the upcoming election, but also many local candidates and measures, and to make sure that you are informed about those:

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