This Netflix Documentary Is Going Viral For Showing How To Tell If A Deaf Person Is Anti-Trump

Touché to the toupée.

In the clip — which has over 1.5 million views — Rodney Burford explains that deaf people who support Trump will sign out his name.

He then states that people who do not support him will simply use the sign for a toupée.

Here’s the full clip, which explains how deaf people often sign a person’s name based on a unique trait they have. In Trump’s case, it’s a toupée:

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Some ASL teachers found the clip so funny, they shared it with their students:

And others confirming there definitely are two different ways to sign Trump’s name in the Deaf Community:

The documentary has also made the ASL anti-Trump sign go international:

And, we thank them for sharing this bit of hilarity with us.

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