Usher Asked Fans To Sing His “Jingle Jangle” Song With Him, And They Really Came Through

You’ll be blown away by these TikTok duets!

If you’ve seen Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, you already know it has an amazing soundtrack.

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In addition to the amazing cast and amazing plot and amazing costumes, of course!

The soundtrack includes an inspiring new song from Usher and Kiana Ledé called “This Day” that’s perfect for the holidays (or, honestly, any time of the year)!

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In honor of Jingle Jangle‘s premiere, Usher and Netflix asked fans to submit their best duets singing along to the song, and the results were incredibly impressive. Here are some of the best:

1. To kick things off, Kiana stepped in to show TikTok how it’s done:

2. Marisha Wallace, who is the singing voice of Mrs. Johnston, even got in on the fun:

3. Nathan‘s falsetto is wildly impressive:

4. And Kira’s voice sounds like it was meant to be on this song:

6. And who knew this song absolutely needed a choir?! Well we do now, courtesy of Cimorelli‘s perfect harmonies:

7. This seemed absolutely effortless for Renee:

8. And Kavya has an angelic voice:

9. Someone give Priya a record deal:

10. Ryan‘s voice puts a new spin on the track:

11. Candice can sing AND play the harp? I’m shook:

12. Roman, I am speechless:

13. Amber turned her duet into a Broadway musical:

14. Kayla did her duet entirely in sign language:

15. Lori‘s got more vocal runs than a marathon:

17. Jackie took her high notes to a new level:

18. Moira really brought life to her duet:

19. Audrey has totally mastered her high-range vocals:

20. …I mean, no one said this HAD to be a vocal duet, right?

21. Ashley has got both the voice and the dance moves to match:

22. And last, but certainly not least — Juwita hit ALL the right notes:

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